2023 AOTA – Cheryl’s Favorites!

by Cheryl Hall on May 14th, 2023

The tradition continues with my fifth year of great products discovered at the annual AOTA Conference. Enjoy reading about these standouts from 2023!

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these products or companies, nor am I receiving any compensation – just passing on product ideas I thought were cool!

Active Hands – Products for Reduced Hand Function
Active Hands are aids that hold the hand in a gripping posture allowing someone to use a variety of objects even if their grip is compromised. Active Hands can be utilized for a range of uses including exercise, cooking and gardening, plus there is a smaller version for use with make-up brushes or craft implements. The product is fabricated so the user can doff and don independently. This award-winning product was designed by a person with firsthand knowledge of diminished hand function but couldn’t find anything on the market that worked. Check out their website today www.activehands.com

Simucase® – An Educational Resource
Simucase uses a virtual platform with videos and training simulations based on real cases to help students (and practicing OT’s) hone clinical skills in a safe, supportive environment. I think it is a great way to tame the beast called “Imposter Syndrome”. Occupational therapy is only one of the disciplines served by the resource – others include Audiology, Radiography, Social Work, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. While you practice, you receive feedback to improve your skills in core competencies. The platform offers 100’s of videos and simulations that can be accessed at your convenience. Check out testimonials and request a demonstration at their website www.simucase.com.

Oratell – Alexa Voice Controlled Bed
What a wonderfully practical resource! Oratell sells controls that integrate with an Alexa Dot (sold separately) for a wide range of adjustable beds or they can sell you the whole package – bed and voice controls. Most models also allow the caregiver to independently control the bed. Their website has video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions about how to set up your Oratell controller at www.oratell.com

AskSAMIE – Online OT Expertise for Patients and Caregivers
Caregivers and patients sometimes need advice and guidance immediately. The AskSAMIE website uses the expertise and clinical knowledge of an occupational therapist to produce a list of recommendations and adaptive equipment to ensure greater safety, comfort and functionality of your environment. AskSAMIE can also ship recommended equipment to your door. Founded by an occupational therapist, AskSAMIE increases patient access to OT for everyone. Check out their assessments and product line at www.AskSAMIE.com

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