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by Cheryl Hall on September 29th, 2022

A popular TicTok starts with “What’s something you’ll get a lot of hate for, if you say it out loud?”

I am a little sad to say that I thought about that TicTok when I decided to write a blog encouraging OTs and OTAs to join AOTA.

There are some strong opinions about the state of our profession, and some cast blame on AOTA’s advocacy and leadership or (in some opinions) lack thereof.

I know that I benefited both personally and professionally as a member of AOTA throughout my entire career and believe that you will too! The AOTA website outlines the long list of membership perks:

Stay Current in your Practice

  • Client Centered, Evident Based Best Practice Guidance
  • American Journal of Occupational Therary
  • Business and Practice Knowledge
  • OT Practice Magazine
  • Occupational Therapy Practice Framework

Grow as a Professional

  • Launch your Career : Guidance for Students
  • OTJobLink and Career Fairs
  • Professional Development and Continuing Ed
  • Salary and Workforce Reports
  • Advanced Certifications

Engagement and Advocacy

  • Protect your Profession
  • Raise Awareness of OT
  • Ensure Fair Reimbursement
  • Foster a More Inclusive Profession
  • Connect with Fellow OTs and OTAs

You chose this career, or many say, occupational therapy chose you. So you owe it to our profession to support our professional organization, and if it needs to improve or change course, then you need to be there to make that happen. Join to be a change agent, join to have a voice, join to volunteer, join to lead or just join to support what I still believe is one of the best professions in the world!

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