My Favorite Products – 2022 AOTA Conferenc

by Cheryl Hall on May 26th, 2022

I always love visiting vendors at the AOTA conference – and I’m not just saying that because I am a vendor myself! I just love talking to company reps, especially OT entrepreneurs, about all the new and clever ideas that could potentially assist patients in an OT practice.

Here are some of my favorites from the 2022 AOTA conference:

Pill Popper – Track Medications with a Pop

This low tech way to track medication doses is small, lightweight and easy to use. Just slip the attached stretchy, silicone ring over the medication package and pop the day and/or dose as it is dispensed. The device allows tracking multiple doses for the whole week and is reusable.

Caregiver Smart Solutions – Let Them Age in Place

This home monitoring system allows caregivers to monitor loved ones without invasive cameras. The system includes door/drawer sensors, motion sensors, emergency buttons and a temperature/humidity monitor. Monitoring is via a smartphone app and shows whether a loved one is moving throughout the house, opening the refrigerator or has opened an outside door. The app will also report changes in patterns. For example, if humidity levels have remained constant in the bathroom, perhaps there is a barrier to showering or bathing that needs to be addressed.

PolarityGear by HoldenArt

This functional and unique product uses magnets to allow one handed tearing of bath tissue or paper towels. The patented design fits all consumer sized rolls and can be mounted on a wall or counter. The device also allows torque adjustments for a variety of products.

Functional Anatomy for Occupational Therapy

As an artist, I appreciate the detail this book offered and as an OT I appreciate the OT focus. This book is geared to OT students and will provide a great reference throughout a student’s academic and into their professional career. Written by an OT, the book provides a great resource across settings and patient populations.

Theraspecs: Therapeutic Blue Light Glasses

Designed for persons with light sensitivity, including patients with migraines or post-concussion syndrome, Theraspecs filter more blue light than competitors. Backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee, the product is endorsed by many customers who found relief from exposure to fluorescents, computers, device screens, LEDs, and bright sunshine.

Mobility Combo Pack: Phone Holder, Cup Holder and Hook

This is another great product from Designed for use on walkers, wheelchairs or rolling walkers, this trio of aids keep phones, drinks and bags or canes handy. Product installation is easy, adjustable for a variety of mobility devices, and does not require any tools.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these products or companies, nor am I receiving any compensation – just passing on product ideas I thought were cool!

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