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    Cheryl Hall
    Occupational Therapist
    Maryland, United States

    Welcome to a site devoted to sharing experience, knowledge and resources to make your job of being a great therapist a lot easier.

    I have been an occupational therapist for more than 30 years. I graduated from San Jose State University with degrees in Occupational Therapy, Gerontology, and Early Child Development. My passion is working with adults and children in home health but I have also worked in rehab, sub-acute rehab, hand therapy, transitional living for TBI, and hospital-based outpatient settings.

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My Life, My Story

by Cheryl Hall on November 27th, 2022

Patient-centered care is one of the primary reasons I love our profession of occupational therapy. Before it became trendy, OT always focused on the person first. OT best practices promoted active listening and open-ended questions, so you learned about your patient beyond their current health challenge. In my work as…

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Celebrate World OT Day!

by Cheryl Hall on October 19th, 2022

What are your plans to celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day? If you are still looking for ideas for October 27, it is not too late to visit the World Federation of Occupational Therapists for inspiration and resources! Here is just a sample of what you will find: Download a free…

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Join AOTA Today!

by Cheryl Hall on September 29th, 2022

A popular TicTok starts with “What’s something you’ll get a lot of hate for, if you say it out loud?” I am a little sad to say that I thought about that TicTok when I decided to write a blog encouraging OTs and OTAs to join AOTA. There are some…

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Looking for a Good OT Read?

by Cheryl Hall on August 27th, 2022

I admit, reading for pleasure has never been my favorite pastime, but over the years there are a few books that spoke to my OT brain and helped me be a more empathic practitioner. So, if you are looking for an end-of-summer read with a connection to your career, check…

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Palliative Care and Occupational Therapy

by Cheryl Hall on July 30th, 2022

The heart of palliative care is maintaining quality of life while preparing for the occupation of death. With a holistic and patient-centered perspective, an OT can identify the occupations most important to the patient. Then, through a clinical lens, OT can provide a path to engaging in those occupations that…

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