Palliative Care and Occupational Therapy

by Cheryl Hall on July 30th, 2022

The heart of palliative care is maintaining quality of life while preparing for the occupation of death. With a holistic and patient-centered perspective, an OT can identify the occupations most important to the patient. Then, through a clinical lens, OT can provide a path to engaging in those occupations that support independence and provide meaningful engagement. OT enhances a patient’s resilience and ability to cope with the reality of palliative care.

The OT is uniquely positioned to provide meaningful interventions in a number of areas:

ADL, IADL, Leisure and Productivity

  • Focus on maintaining independence
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment and modifications
  • Energy conservation and activity balance strategies
  • ROM exercises

Functional Mobility

  • Performance-based home assessment
  • Falls risk assessment and prevention strategies
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment and modifications

Pain Management

  • Breathing techniques
  • Pain journal
  • Positioning devices
  • Superficial heat and cold
  • Stress management

Caregiver Resources

  • Safe transfer and positioning strategies
  • Passive ROM exercises
  • Educational resources

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