Put 2020 on a Vision Board

by Cheryl Hall on January 6th, 2020

I wrote about vision boards last January for my New Year’s post and I inspired myself!

Early in 2019, I created my vision board around a personal goal. I have to say – I think it made a difference for me!

Creating a tangible reminder – like a vision board- helps make your goal more real and can increase your sense of commitment.

So take a couple of hours for yourself, get creative and design your own vision board for a 2020 goal. Here are some ideas that increased the impact of my vision board.

Brainstorm – Review what is most important to you in the upcoming year and set a specific goal. In fact, try to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal! After all, we are OTs!. The more Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely your goal is the greater the chance of success.

Pick the Right Spot – You should be able to see your vision board every day. If you don’t already have a sad, cluttered bulletin board that needs a makeover, try the inside of a cabinet door, the unused side of your refrigerator or a blank wall in your work cubby. You can even create a small board that can be tucked in a drawer at the end of the day.

Gather Inspiration – What images represent your goal? Think about the end goal and milestones along the way. What people or strategies will help you along the way? Pull together photos, memes, quotes, lists, images and other visual reminders of the goal you want to achieve. Add calendars, checklists and sub-goals to focus your attention.

Have Fun – Take a trip to your local craft or dollar store and let your imagination run wild. Grab a display board, some paper, pens, lettering, and embellishments to make your vision pop. Think about adding color, layers and dimension.

Here’s to your vision for 2020!

Cheryl Hall, OT

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