Small Businesses Need You

by Cheryl Hall on May 11th, 2020

OTs, with their passion and creativity, will help the world come through COVID-19 stronger and more connected; I am grateful for all you are doing on the front lines of this crisis. I’d just like to ask one more thing.

Small businesses around the world are in crisis because of COVID-19, and your support is just what small businesses need most. Be creative and think of a way that you could help a member of the small business community.

  • Buy gift cards from your favorite restaurants, barber, or any small business you have trusted over the years. Even when businesses reopen they will have to reduce capacity, so give them a little boost.
  • Call about curbside pickup. While restaurants and pharmacies have mastered the pickup option, other retailers, like nurseries and salons, are just adding that shopping experience.
  • It’s not just Amazon and Walmart who will deliver products to your door! Small businesses in your community are delivering too. Small farms around me are offering deliveries of fresh, local produce each week through the growing season.
  • Support your fellow OT in their small businesses. I highlight small businesses created by OTs, healthcare professionals and caregivers every April after the AOTA Conference. Check my past blogs for ideas.

As a small business owner with 2 employees, I am the epitome of “a small business”. While small, I make a powerful difference in the lives of those that help me run the Occupational Therapy Toolkit. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my small business for more than 20 years. I am grateful my online business is still open and ready to serve the OT community.

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