Comments by OTs and PTs from Around the World

It has been a very useful tool for me as a new grad. I love it!
- Vannary, California USA

This thing is AWESOME!!! You have a great product and I am going to enjoy it so much!
- Marcia, Minnesota USA

It has been a fabulous tool for use in home health.
- Marie, Texas USA

This is great and a wonderful product.
- Nola, Connecticut USA

Thanks for creating such a great tool. I find myself constantly using your resource!
- Jillian, Michigan USA

Thanks for such a great tool! Amazing!
- Linette, Florida USA

Can't wait until I can download the OT Toolkit!! I just know this is the resource I have been looking for. Thank you!
- Jenny, New Zealand

I have been loving my copy of The OT Toolkit! Thanks for putting such a great resource together!
- Dan, Arizona USA

This Toolkit is my saving grace during a very challenging Level II placement.
- Natasha, Ohio USA

I promote the OT Toolkit with everyone I talk to as it has been such a help to me.
- William, Florida USA

Your OT Toolkit is awesome and has helped me greatly as a professional.
- Tremario, California USA

I absolutely love your website and the tool kit. It has been very helpful in my studies.
- Fatima, South Africa

I am very pleased with my purchase of the OT Toolkit. It's been a great resource as a new therapist in home healthcare!
- Stacey, Nebraska USA

The OT Toolkit is amazing! I know you've been working on this for many years. What a great job you've done!
- Norma, California USA

The OT Toolkit is a tremendous resource. Thank you for all your hard work in putting it together.
- Jane, Australia

Thank you for this toolkit. It helped me immensely in my clinical fieldwork as a student.
- Umer, Florida USA

We are very excited about using this tool! This is a great product.
- Marsha, Iowa USA

You have put together a really great product here! I just love it. I feel very professional and prepared by having these handouts to give to my patients. Thank you so much!
- Julie, Kentucky USA

Thank you for all your hard work in creating your OT Toolkit. It has been an essential tool and a lifesaver for a new COTA working in a very busy SNF.
- Bobbie Jo, Alabama USA

Your OT Took Kit is fantastic! Good for you for thinking it up and producing it!
- Lynn, New Zealand

This is a fabulous tool and my therapists and I use it often.
- Robin, California USA

I love your toolkit! I have found it incredibly useful.
- Danielle, California USA

The toolkit looks very thorough. This will build the confidence that I need for my Fieldwork Level II coming up in January.
- Sammie, North Carolina USA

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience in such a fantastic way. The world would be a better place if we would all pay it forward.
- Marsha, Wyoming USA

I love this tool kit! Very impressive! Thank you so much.
- Gloria, Vermont USA

Your Toolkit is filling a missing link for providing my patients with readily available and easily understood educational materials. Thanks again for all of your hard work.
- Rebecca, Arizona USA

Thanks so much for your wonderful toolkit! I use it often.
- Janice, Ontario Canada

I love the OT Toolkit and count it as a valuable resource.
- Gina, Texas USA

Thank you so much for the OT Toolkit. I love the simple illustrations, which makes it easy for my home health patients to understand.
- Gwen, Louisiana USA

Thank you so much for the awesome job of creating the OT Toolkit that will help so many of us.
- Brenda, New York USA

We LOVE everything you have come up with for the OT toolkit! Thanks so much for providing this resource --it looks great!
- Jama, Kansas USA

Tool kit looks fantastic! I left all my handouts at my last job 11 years ago! Just getting back into OT and this is great!
- Tania, Pennsylvania USA

Thank you. I completed my last rotation with the OT Toolkit and it also taught me to think outside of the book (box).
- Velisha, South Carolina USA

Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for creating such an in-depth and practical guide for all us OT's out there!!!
- Claire, South Africa

Thank you so much!!! You have done an awesome job. Wow a ton of useful information!!! :)
- Kelli, Ohio USA

I had been looking for a book/resource to have in order to treat my patients with the best quality of care that I can provide, I bought your book it has it all. I think this will be great for me as new grad!
- Lisa, Ireland

I am LOVING your work! The more I use the resources in your toolkit the more I appreciate the depth and knowledge behind it. It is all based on good, solid clinical reasoning and it is SO conveniently organized. It saves me time digging through old file folders or searching on the internet for clear training examples.
- Lisa, Illinois USA

I have used your toolkit for years. I love it!!! I have printed out the handouts and given them to countless patients. So, thank you very much! I think this is a wonderful idea.
- Cindy, Illinois USA

You are a tribute to our profession by making it possible for OT's to be more effective with their clients.
- Margie, Colorado USA

THANK YOU!!! The OT toolkit is so helpful and a great go to guide. Great job!!!
- Amanda, New York USA

The OT Toolkit is a fantastic addition to have in our department.
- Paul, Ireland

The OT toolkit is one of the best things I've seen in my practice! It will be very useful.
- Pascale, Yukon Territory Canada

I know how extremely useful this is going to be to me as a resource for myself and my patients.
- Gina, Maine USA

Awesome toolkit.
- Denise, New York USA

Just wanted to state how much I have enjoyed the OT toolkit. I have been an OT for nearly 20 yrs. I had - as most of have, made up educational topics for patients and family; however, the use of your handouts have been invaluable they look much more professional and easy to read for my clients/pt and their families to read and understand.
- Gerena, Texas USA

I am so excited to have found your absolutely wonderful OT toolkit. It is such a great compilation of ideas. Thank you for the time you spent putting together such a wonderful toolkit. It is amazing. I am so excited to be able to use the treatment ideas.
- Mary, Florida USA

GREAT toolkit, I feel as though it is going to assist me throughout my practice.
- Alexis, Australia

I love this book and am glad I bought it.
- Bonnie, Utah USA

I am the only OT in a rural Home Health setting. I have felt that I really could use a "mentor" or someone to help answer questions etc. Your toolkit has provided just that! Many thanks!
- Debbie, Kansas USA

Your OT toolkit is amazing! I am an OT student and I have found it very helpful.
- Lisa, Ireland

I absolutely love the OT Toolkit. As a person who is new to OT and new to home care, it is a terrific resource!
- Mary Beth, Nevada USA

Thank YOU, Cheryl! The OT Toolkit is such a wonderful contribution to our discipline.
- Irene, Carolina, Philippines

I have used your toolkit for years. I love it!!! I have printed out the handouts and given them to countless patients. So, thank you very much! I think this is a wonderful idea. I appreciate everything you've done!
- Cindy, Illinois USA

I want to start off by saying that I am very appreciative of your Occupational Therapy toolkit. I find it very helpful to use as an educational resource.
- Jessica, Florida USA

I want to tell you how useful and great this product it. Thank you for compiling all of these resources into easy to use handouts!!
- Karen, Texas USA

I would just like to say thank you for creating such an in-depth and practical guide for all us OTs out there!!!
- Claire Lynn, Pretoria, South Africa

By the way, your blog is great! You have a wealth of information! I have been spreading the news about your toolkit. It is great. Excellent job!!
- Nadine, Maryland USA

It's fantastic you created this easy to follow resource and with quick clear simple easy to follow instructions / pictures.
- Janet, Alberta, Canada

I love your tool kit!!!!
- Gaytha, Oklahoma, USA

The OT toolkit has been such a lifesaver for me when I crossed over from pediatric to adult practice.
- Aileen, California USA

The OT Toolkit looks great and your program has been highly recommended to me by other therapists doing physdys, geriatrics and home health.
- Elaine, New York USA

Thank you so much for developing the OT Toolkit. I was very impressed as an instructor and clinician with the Toolkit. I greatly appreciate your work and passion for our field.
- Kristi, Texas USA

I really love what you have put together! I definitely promote it! :-)
- Ann, Iowa USA

I love the toolkit. I love having all the things that I have learned in one easy to access spot. Thank you for your time and hard work.
- Ellen, Texas USA

Thank you so much for the OT Toolkit. I love the simple illustrations, which makes it easy for my home health patients to understand.
- Gwen, Tennessee USA

I really want to thank you for the OT Toolkit. It has helped me so much in my academics and broaden my knowledge of how occupational therapist treat conditions.
- Ibukun, Nigeria Africa

I heard about your toolkit from a co-worker. I am really impressed with your Toolkit - it will be great for my community OT practice.
- Trish, Ontario Canada

I highly recommend The OT Toolkit. I have been utilizing it as a very useful resource for educating my clients.
- Annette, New Zealand

Thank you so much!!! I'm a traveler so I'm going to absolutely love this!!!
- Melissa, Utah USA

I am on page 257.....loving it! Great job! Thank you so much for your hard work gathering everything! One day I hope to have all this info filed in my head!!
- Molly, Utah USA

The OT Tookit will be a great help for our thesis. It's a very useful product for our research.
- Nena, Annet, Manon, Netherlands

I think it is a good job and it is very useful for my work of occupational therapist.
- Marco, Italy

I absolutely love the tool kit and use it daily!!!! Thanks so much for your hard work!!!
- Laura, Minnesota USA

Thank you for compiling this resource, it's a brilliant and useful idea.
- Nikki, Tennessee USA

The OT Toolkit has been one of the best resources for my patients!
- Jason, Florida USA

I absolutely love the OT Toolkit! I am a recent grad from an OTA program (just took boards) and I used the Toolkit throughout my clinicals.
- Amanda, Ohio USA

You are GREAT! This toolkit has been the BEST investment, of my career, thus far!!! THANK YOU!
- Dawna, Hawaii USA

I love this resource. After spending 15 years in out-patient orthopedics this has been invaluable as I've transitioned to work as a traveler and am currently in a home health setting.
- Tammy, Indiana USA

I really love the handouts. They are worth every penny!
- Corey, Pennsylvania USA

I think it is an invaluable resource and I tell everyone about your site.
- Erin, California USA

Your toolkit is remarkable.
- Nancy, Ireland UK

I love the toolkit- I am working in home care and have used lots of the handouts and information, its been wonderful.
- Anna, Alaska USA

I am enjoying the OT Toolkit. What a great reference to use!
- Emily, Texas USA

I love the toolkit.
- Narelle, New South Wales, Australia

I use your OT Toolkit to increase my own knowledge base of occupational therapy.
- Sarah, Ontario, Canada

I'm a new OTA and it really helps me out when deciding on treatment ideas, precautions, and just general information.
- Brenda, New York, USA

The OT Toolkit is amazing. I know it will help my patients a lot. Thank you for writing such an fantastic product.
- Nancy, Florida USA

Thanks very much for all the hard work you have done for our profession.
- Mary, Virginia USA

Thank you for all the hard work you did putting it together - it will be used a great bit!
- Rebecca, Florida USA

I am so happy to have found out your OT Toolkit. It is wonderful. Reading your articles makes me so confident and expected. Your good information makes me satisfy so much.
- Chieko, Japan

Awesome! It is so fabulous, thank you for creating it!
- Jennifer, Arizona USA

Your toolkit is a great resource, clear and concise and I am so thankful I found it.
- Jan, Maine USA

What a great resource.
- Liezel, New South Wales, Australia

The OT Toolkit has been such a great resource to me and my patients. The handouts are extremely easy to understand.
- Megan, Louisiana USA

I recently purchased the OT Toolkit and think it's fantastic resource.
- Lou, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

The OT Toolkit and its been a great help for me at school, thanks.
- Kairen, Florida USA

Love your OT toolkit by the way! It's been a tremendous help with my acute care practice.
- Kristy, Michigan USA

The toolkit is wonderful. Thanks for the time and effort developing it and the reasonable price. Always looking for new resources, I have found your OT Toolkit invaluable while working with both populations and have recommended it to others.
- Bob, Michigan USA

What a great resource! I'm going to do some on call work at a SNF after an 8 year break from working to stay at home with my kids. Your manual will be a great help. I love the resources at the back. You did a great job and this is well worth the money.
- Julie, Utah USA

I am an OTA student in the middle of my first level II fieldwork. This information is just what I need to get my creative juices flowing! Thank you so much for putting this together!
- Connie, Colorado USA

- Jacque, Auckland New Zealand

I absolutely love the OT Toolkit. I printed it out and brought it to work with me and I use the handouts often, they are great! Thank you for all your work on this great tool!
- Jillian, New Jersey USA

What a great resource!!
- Scott, Michigan, USA

I LOVE the pt. education and illustration in this product!
- Cindy, Arizona USA

Your toolkit was a big help for me and really interesting.
- Manda, Finland

I just wanted to tell you that the toolkit is a great resource. You've done an amazing job putting it all together.
- Diana, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you so much for creating OT Toolkit and for taking the time to update it. It's excellent material and very useful.
- Midge, Maine USA

I found your WONDERFUL Tool Kit on-line for my daughter who is an OTA student. I really feel that your product was a great help. It is an excellent product and very helpful.
- Jane, West Virginia USA

The OT toolkit is a fantastic resource, and I'm sure it will aid me in providing the best service I can to my patients!
- Hannah, England UK

Your tool kit is a God sent, especially for me. Working in "PEDS" and then trying to "survive" SNF's is very nerve racking every time I do it. But I HAVE to do it. Your book is such a great manual!
- Kristina, Florida USA

I love your tool kit! What an amazing tool. I wish I would have had access to this when I first began practicing.
- Susie, Maryland USA

I normally do not take the time to write a note of thanks. However, I just had to say thank you for providing exactly what I was looking for. I wish I would have had the OT Toolkit when I started practice.
- Vickie, Texas USA

First can I thank you for creating a wonderful toolkit. I have found this resource very useful.
- Amanda, England UK

Your book is probably the BEST resource I could have. It is going to make a huge difference in my work. I can't believe everything you have covered in there! It is truly worth the money.
- Jill, Michigan USA

Your toolkit is fantastic. Thank you!
- Sarah, Ontario Canada

It really is a fantastic resource. I will definitely be recommending it!
- Victoria, South Africa

I LOVE the Toolkit and use it daily.
- Missy, Illinois USA

You don't know how much I use the OT Toolkit. It's amazing!
- Joey, Florida USA

Thanks for all your great work! I think I do a better job in home health because of your Toolkit and patient handouts!
- Dorinda, Oregon USA

Thanks again for the time and effort you have put into this project. For a newbie SNF therapist like me it is an invaluable resource.
- Jacob, Illinois USA

I'd like just to thank you for the amount of information that you have written in the OT Toolkit and that you shared with all the OTs via your website, it's really very helpful and it helped me much in my work.
- Yassmin, Jordon