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    Cheryl Hall
    Occupational Therapist
    Maryland, United States

    Welcome to a site devoted to sharing experience, knowledge and resources to make your job of being a great therapist a lot easier.

    I have been a clinician for 30 years. I attended San Jose State University and studied Occupational Therapy, Early Child Development and Gerontology. My passion is home health, but I have also worked with adults and children in acute and sub-acute rehab, out-patient hand therapy, transitional living for TBI and hospital-based outpatient.

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OT Toolkit Tips: Joint Protection

by Cheryl Hall on July 15th, 2017

What Makes a Good OT Great?

by Cheryl Hall on July 1st, 2017

I have been in the OT profession for more than 30 years and have known many, many outstanding occupational therapists. As I pondered the different work styles and skills of this group of providers, I realized one quality they all had in common was a strong sense of empathy. When…

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OT Challenge – Give Back October

by Cheryl Hall on June 15th, 2017

Love giving back to your community? Enjoy spreading the word about occupational therapy? Consider celebrating World Occupational Therapy Day by partcipating in the Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service on October 27, 2017.  To quote the OTGDS website: “As an occupational therapy practitioner or occupational therapy student, you are the…

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The Best of OT Toolkit Resources: Mobility and Balance

by Cheryl Hall on June 1st, 2017

Mobility and balance is the focus of much of my home care with mobility impaired or elderly patients. The Occupational Therapy Toolkit includes both Treatments Guides and Patient Education Handouts to help your patients improve both their mobility and balance. In addition, I have compiled a list of other great…

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I Was Asked This Once as an OT

by Cheryl Hall on May 15th, 2017

As an OT you help a person live the most independent life they can possibly live.  But what “occupation” you are impacting depends on your patient.  When someone asks me what I do, I love to tell this story about one of the more unique patient requests I encountered as…

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